O comentário elogiativo nas redes sociais: estratégias de cortesia valorizadora

  • Isabel Roboredo Seara
  • Ana Lúcia Tinoco Cabral
Palavras-chave: comity, speech acts, social networks, verbal interaction, comments, laudatory acts, cortesia, atos de fala expressivos, redes sociais, interação verbal, comentário, atos laudatórios


In recent years, the social networking website Facebook has become a referential online area for the development
and strengthening of social bonds, of pre-existing social relationships from offline daily life (LAMOE et al 2006).
Assuming that social networks are collective and collaborative spaces of communication and information
exchange, which have changed the way thousands of people communicate to each other, and being Facebook the
most widespread networking website (KREUTZ 2009), it becomes a fruitful field to the research of verbal
interactions. However, there is a new epistemological positioning which endorses the necessity to rethink the
description of the Facebook network, not only as a platform of communication, but also as a complex discursive
environment, in which notions of identity, intimacy and social-affective bonds are important issues to be discussed
(EMERIT-BIBIÉ L., 2015). Grounded on the dialogical design of language (BAKHTIN, 2003) and being engaged
on verbal interactions researches, the article highlights the dialogical dimension which underlies the sociability -
especially built via “comments” mode - a discursive, social and public space which allows the construction and
management of someone’s own identity and alterity. Through a pragmatic approach, we reflect upon meaningful
speech acts - particularly the ones related to congratulations, compliments and other laudatory acts - as an
expression of support and encouragement, in which interlocutors resort to discursive strategies that value the
positive and cordial face of others. The theoretical framework favors studies related to the verbal politeness,
namely the ones of Brown & Levinson (1987); Kerbrat-Orecchioni (2001 e 2004), Araújo Carreira (1997) and
Vivas Márquez (2014).

Como Citar
Roboredo Seara, I., & Tinoco Cabral, A. L. (2017). O comentário elogiativo nas redes sociais: estratégias de cortesia valorizadora. Revista Da Associação Portuguesa De Linguística, (3), 311-332. https://doi.org/10.26334/2183-9077/rapln3ano2017a17